Mindfulness and Anxiety

mindfulness and anxiety

Mindfulness and anxiety are two things that live at the opposite ends of the spectrum of unease in your mind.

At one end of the mental unease spectrum anxiety is driven by thoughts of catastrophe which are driven by so many triggers in your life.

At the other end of the mental unease spectrum mindfulness is consciously driven by engaging your thoughts and filling your mind with things that you are OK to be there and this leaves no room for thoughts that you don’t want.


Anxiety is a process that happens in your mind, it’s a feeling of worry,¬†nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

It can be triggered by many things and for most people it lasts a short time and is then gone, but for some others it stays around and has many triggers. Concepts like self doubt, fear of the future, dealing with new situations are all common ground for causing a person to be anxious.

Anxiety is a way that your mind has developed to protect you. That’s how it started anyway, it stopped you entering situations that had caused problems at some stage. It causes the stress response to occur which is the cause of the physical feelings that you might recognise when you are anxious.

Anxiety triggers tend to become more generalised over a period of time and that causes the stress response to become more common and many of the situations defy rational causes.

In short if you are prone to anxious thoughts then it tends to become worse rather than better if you do nothing about it.


Mindfulness is a way of using your mind in a mindful rather than a mindless way. That means you get involved in the things that you’re doing in the here and now so that your mind doesn’t stray to the discomfort you may have encountered in the past, or to uncomfortable thoughts of the future.

Mindfulness meditation has been around for over 3000 years. Buddhist meditation techniques are mindful techniques and they work very well.

As a hypnotherapist I find mindfulness a wonderfully simple concept and a powerful tool at the same time. The ideas in it fit in well with techniques that I use in hypnosis to help people.

One thing I teach people is how to calm their mind. That single ability makes it possible for you to take the first step to being in control of your thoughts.

Mindfulness and Anxiety

Mindfulness has another meaning for me and that’s a mind that is full. So on a very basic level, if you learn to fill your mind with calm then there is no room in there for anxious thoughts. This is the big connection between mindfulness and anxiety from my point of view.

So mindfulness works well as a way of managing anxiety. With the extra help that comes from hypnosis and hypnotherapy, the mindful approach becomes a powerful way for you to learn how to manage your own anxiety.

I would like to add at this point that in hypnotherapy I teach this skill along with helping you clear the issues that you find are distressing you.

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