Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

When Kate Moss said that she lived by the motto “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” it caused outrage from people who weren’t skinny (but wanted to be) and people who feared for other people who may be drawn towards being anorexic or any of a number of body weight problems.

(If you’re frightened about what ideas you might be drawn to then you could see a therapist, but that’s not what this article is about.)

Kate Moss appears to take responsibility for herself. She famously also said “Never complain, never explain”. Accept what comes as a result of your own actions. Or maybe even accept what comes your way and deal with it. We are all at liberty to make our own decisions but if we don’t then we have to deal with the inaction anyway.

Kate never did complain about the reaction to “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, nor did she explain. And it also begs the question does she have to?

At the centre of her life is skinny, her life revolves around it, in her case it’s neither good nor bad, it just is! And the only thing that can make you not skinny is eating. You have to eat to live, but if you love being skinny then there is nothing about food that can attract you enough to eat too much. Now there’s a thought to conjure with.

So with that in mind those of us who have an issue with weight clearly don’t have our priorities set right. We clearly prize eating above and beyond looking good or just being lean.

There are a few things that food generally does for us:

  • food makes me feel better when I feel a bit down.
  • Food is something I use to treat myself for things I do well.
  • Food is something that I use to celebrate.
  • Food is something that I use to express feelings of appreciation.
  • Food fills the gap when I’m bored.

So there’s the problem. Food isn’t just food any more. Food is medicine, celebration and food is a friend.

So what can we do?

Learn a better way to feel good that doesn’t involve food. If that body image or body feel goal was bright enough and real enough and felt good enough then it wouldn’t be a competition. Food no matter how nice should never taste as good as our body aspirations. And find a better way to feel good.


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