Calm Your Mind

Reduce Your Anxiety

Calm Your Mind, Reduce Your AnxietyI use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to teach clients how to calm their mind. When you calm your mind, it lasts for several hours, and during that time your mind has a tendency to stay on track and negative thoughts are reduced.

After a short time practicing, this ability becomes second nature. It has a secondary benefit too, research has shown that mental exercises that calm the mind, reduce anxiety.

In a double blind psychological study that used mindfulness meditation to reduce anxiety, it took 6 weeks to reduce anxiety by 30%. In real terms 6 weeks is pretty quick to reduce anxiety by so much.

I use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to teach people how to calm their mind, and I find that it enhances the effect of a mindfulness based approach. Generally a self-hypnosis based approach works faster than straight mindfulness.

The common view of hypnotherapy is that the therapist 'works their magic' and it's all made better. I find it is more effective to teach my clients how to help themselves, it makes them independent, and then it only requires five or ten minutes per day to practice.

Being in control of your own therapy is empowering and improves self esteem.

This package is three sessions long and the price is £180

If you have any questions regarding my Calm Mind Training package then:

Call me on 0793 464 0831You can call me   on 0793 464 0831

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