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Stop smoking, Smoking cessationMost of the people that I have worked with have tried vaping, patches, gum and going cold turkey and other common methods. I suppose the other side of that is that a lot of other people have found those methods useful.

Remember that you can find free help for smoking cessation at the NHS Smoke free website.

How long you have to go without smoking before you're counted as a non smoker depends on where you look, The NHS view is one thing, but insurance companies have a particular point of view that you could read about here.

There are times in our lives like moving house, splitting up with a partner or even going through a divorce when it's unlikely that you will succeed in giving up smoking so bear that in mind.

This description will sound like I'm turning away potential business, but I think it's necessary to know where you really stand before you start. That way you can make a choice that you can stand by.

Unlike most of the things that I help with, there is no evidence that hypnosis or hypnotherapy can help with stopping smoking.

There are people who say that hypnotherapy was brilliant and helped them, and there are others who say it was useless and made no impression on them. However all of those reports are anecdotal and not part of trials that form clinical evidence.

If something within you thinks that hypnotherapy could help you then perhaps you're right, after all that's the basis of the placebo effect, and hypnosis was famously referred to as a non deceptive placebo.

I have been on courses to learn how to stop a person smoking in a single session but for me, the techniques didn't fit with the way that I work.

I have developed my own procedure to help with stopping smoking, it's not guaranteed, I do it over a period of four sessions and the first two sessions are involved in helping you to become aware about your smoking habit, and what drives it.  On the way, you will be expected to do tasks to help yourself that will add up to about 10-15 minutes per day.

If you want to give yourself a head start, I get smokers to do this as part of their first week's homework. It will help you learn something about your habit and you can start right now for free. Get a small notebook and spend a week noting date, time and the reason you smoked each cigarette, along with another note of how many puffs each cigarette lasted. It's important to write it down because with the best will in the world you won't remember. When it comes to the reason, I'd expect you to to write something like:

  • I just needed it
  • I had to relieve the stress at work
  • My friend was having one and I kept her company

It doesn't matter how ordinary it sounds, just write down the reason. And if there is no reason then write that down too. It's the start of your understanding of your habit. I worked with one woman who did this and was shocked to find that she was having two cigs in a morning around her first coffee and not just one.
And let's face some basic facts here, if you can't be bothered, or you're too scared to find out even the basic facts about your smoking problem then how can we even start to solve it. This simple tool is a way to see your habit from a different point of view. Most people find it helpful.

The results are not guaranteed, but my experience indicates that the people who put more effort in to helping themselves get the best results.

The price for this package is £250

If you have any questions regarding my Smoking Cessation package then:

Call me on 0793 464 0831You can call me   on 0793 464 0831

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