Tester Package

See if therapy with me is for you

Testaer Package to see if hypnotherapy is the way forward for you.I had it pointed out to me that a lot of people know nothing about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and that makes it hard for them to commit to any sort of therapy that involves it.

I know from speaking to other clients that the hypnosis and hypnotherapy they did with someone else was different to doing it with me.

So there are options here, I have an audio that you can download. It doesn't answer questions, and it doesn't have the ability to change its timing to you in the same way as a face to face session.

You could come to one of my workshops so you can get to know me and experience what I do, again it's a bit different to working face to face but it will introduce you to the skills that I offer.

I also offer this face to face session (at a reduced cost) where there is no therapy other than a relaxation that will give you the experience of hypnosis so you can see that it's safe and straight forward, and that you won't lose control. You will still be you.

We can try out eye movement therapy if that's appropriate to what you want to achieve.

The tester session will give us chance to discuss what you are aiming to achieve and I can either offer one of the packages I have created as you saw on the home page or create a new program just for you.

The price for this package is £40

If you have any questions regarding my Tester package then:

Call me on 0793 464 0831You can call me on 0793 464 0831

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