Perfectionism and not wanting to get things wrong are some of the biggest mental hurdles that we have to jump in order to get started on something.

Interestingly, of the people that I know the ones that appear to do best are the ones who just get on and do something. Anything that they need they acquire, and sometimes wait to start, but not often.

That singular ability to do something sets aside all thoughts of perfectionism, getting it right first time. It’s a lesson that we should all take note of.

I will admit that it’s one of my failings, one that I’m working on and I’m confident that I’ll get past it and start feeling like I’m getting somewhere.

I have flashes of getting things done, the following video is an example of that.

It seems like such a small thing to do. Or to do in a way that gets it done and no more. But in some ways we have to set ourselves tasks from time to time when we just have to get on and do it.

We need to start building symbolic successes. Start creating a track record for ourselves so that we gradually get the message.

The message is:

“You Can Do It!”

As with a lot of things, the things we do often seem small and insignificant. We always do ourselves down. It’s a habit. Learn to ignore the doubt and let yourself enjoy the success.

Then you can start to:

“Fake it till you make it!”

or even better:

“Fake it till you become it!”

Find your uke stick project. Your project to start making your mark. The one that you can start to use as proof for yourself, that you can get on and do things.

Then just keep going.

Abandon perfectionism and the need to get it right first time. Get on and do it.

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