Signs Of Depression

signs of depression

What Sorts of Signs of Depression are we Looking for?

Signs of depression fall in to three main categories:

  • Personal emotional state signs
  • Personal physical signs
  • Social signs

It’s useful to break it up like this because it allows us to realise that there are personal issues being faced that are both emotional and physical. Many of the physical signs of depression do have an emotional trigger but that makes them no less real.

I met a person once who thought he was continually having bouts of flu, it was only after some time that it transpired that he was clinically depressed.

The signs that we often miss are those that affect those around us and the interaction with others in general. People with depression tend to avoid social situations.

Personal Emotional Signs Of Depression

People with depression exhibit a constant sadness and low mood and often feel helpless, useless and without hope. Many have a low self esteem and feel guilty about so many things.

Constantly feeling down and anxious makes people irritable and they often get angry very quickly. While they feel this way they aren’t motivated to do much and decision making becomes a bit of a chore. Some people even have thoughts of suicide.

A feeling of being overwhelmed is not uncommon, unable to get perspective on the daily life tasks that are being faced.

Personal Physical Signs of Depression

As with many people who have anxiety related issues many depressed people feel a lotal lack of energy and that leads them to move around more slowly and often speak slower too.

Weight changes are common as the appetite changes, either to eat more or eat less.

Sleep is usually affected and the resulting lack of restful sleep at night makes everything else seem worse.

Many people find aches and pains occurring and several people are more susceptible to illness.

Social Signs Of Depression

Depressed people often don’t take part in things that they used to love doing. This leads to life issues at home. Also family life is affected because they don’t want to join in because of the what’s the point mentality that they build up.

Work if they can manage it becomes more of a chore and harder to cope with.

Are you Depressed Then?

I have to add a real caution here. Even if you can say yes to everything it doesn’t mean that you’re depressed. You really have to see your doctor, only medical professionals can make the diagnosis of depression.

If you’re worried about someone else then you should be aware that signs of depression come on gradually and so you barely notice the changes. But being aware of things to look for can be useful.

What Can Be Done?

See your doctor in the first instance. They can help you get it in perspective and start treatment.

As a hypnotherapist I know that I can help with several of the issues that are part of the depression. Hypnosis can help give relief from many of the contributing factors.

When some of the issues are relieved then many people start to realise that their situation is not hopeless and they get that glimmer of  a possibility for change.

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You can find a more detailed description of depression here and here.

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