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What is Sleep Apnea (Sleep Apnoea)?

Sleep apnea (apnoea) is a sleep condition that is often undiagnosed and undiscovered for a long time. It is often detected by a partner who notices that during sleep a person stops breathing.

The condition sleep apnea (apnoea) occurs when the walls of the throat relax during sleep, this causes the throat to become narrower and eventually to close. This is where the breathing stops.

The sufferer usually starts breathing again by breathing out further to clear the blockage and the process then repeats. The blocking of the airway is gradual over a period of time so the repeating cycle may be several minutes long.

Often the unblocking is done as a coughing reflex and that causes the person to wake up and the sleep is disturbed. Disturbed sleep caused by sleep apnea over a long period can be a debilitating and the oxygen starvation can start to cause problems in its own right.

This is a physical issue and one that needs the attention of your doctor. If this is happening to you then please visit your doctor.

What Can Be Done for Sleep Apnea (apnoea)?

The usual treatment is to get the sufferer to wear a mask while sleeping. It covers the nose and mouth and is attached to controlled air supply. The system detects if the person stops breathing and uses the pump to rectify the situation.

Generally people who start using these devices start to sleep better in time because they are getting a continual oxygen supply.

As a hypnotherapist I thought for a long time that there was nothing I could do to help a person with sleep apnea (apnoea) until I met a patient at a hospice where I volunteer hypnotherapy services.

He was finding that he had trouble getting to sleep with all the mask on, it was difficult to get comfortable and hard to relax connected to the machine.

So the area I can help with is getting to sleep. In the same way that I help people with insomnia I help people with sleep apnea (apnoea).

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