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This is part four of a four part series or articles about sleep problems.
Part 1: Can’t Sleep
Part 2: Serious Sleep
Part3: Sleep Compression
Part4: Sleep Solutions

Meditate for Calm
Meditate for Calm


This is the last part of the series describing some sleep solutions that I have tried, they worked for me and they have worked for others that I have worked with. They may just work for you.

EFT For Sleep

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a therapy that you can self administer and regardless of your first impressions it is a solution to problem thoughts and habits that can be done on your own. There is a full tutorial on the emofree website (Links a the bottom). Even though I don’t use this any more myself I found it effective in dealing with all those little niggles that my mind can come up with. The effects of this therapy are fast if they are going to happen, the times when it works will be felt instantly. I remember several instances of worries just stopping, no fanfares or lightening bolts they just stopped happening.

Meditation to calm the mind

Meditation is a solution that a lot of people try and then give up. Choosing one of the more mindful based meditations like the Buddhist meditations can be more productive. As I noted in an earlier article meditation for 10 minutes per day can reduce anxiety level massively over a few weeks. This has a knock on effect with your sleep, as you become calmer you sleep better. You could say it’s an acquired state of mind. These benefits continue for as long as you keep up the practice. If you mix this with the journal or diary then you could have an evening ritual that clears your mind and prepares the way for a good night’s sleep.

Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is something that I learned when I trained as a hypnotherapist. I use it to calm my mind and then meditate for a few minutes. Calming the mind is an amazing thing and following that with a body awareness meditation is a real winner for me. Relaxed mind and body before going to bed allows you to go to sleep naturally. It’s also a real eye opener just how accurate your internal alarm clock is when you ask it to wake you up at a particular time.

One of the big things to learn is that an awareness of your own circumstances is really important when you come to deal with insomnia. You will probably end up with a solution that makes use of more than one aspect but central to that will be an awareness of yourself and what is going on around you. That awareness will allow you to make changes to your routine to allow you to deal with or work around issues that occur.

In my role as hypnotherapist I have helped a lot of people in the with insomnia. I help with underlying stress, emotional issues and recurring thought issues as well as teaching self hypnosis and an awareness meditation to get clients to sleep. I also advocate the use of a written journal to help deal with things that may disturb life. When you write something down and get used to dealing with those things you have identified then your mind gets used to not needing to worry about them once they are being processed.

I work with people at a local hospice and some of them have had trouble with sleep which we generally resolve.

One observation of the solutions that I have covered in these articles is that there are generally no quick fixes when it comes to insomnia. The best solutions have something in common in that they are long term solutions that form part of an on-going easily assimilated lifestyle change.

If you have problems getting to sleep or getting back to sleep in the Portsmouth / Fareham / Portchester area then you can call me on 0793 464 0831.

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