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This page doesn’t have a picture of a spider anywhere so if you have a spider phobia or any sort of fear of spiders you can read on and learn.

A lot of people laugh about other people who have a fear of spiders. But it can be really serious, the fear causes an anxiety response that elevates heart rate a lot, it causes sweating and sufferers often tremble even at the sight of a picture of a spider.

It’s a problem that affects men and women alike, I remember an 18 stone 6ft colleague who went crazy once when he noticed a small spider walking over his food. He was beating and bashing at it in a real frenzy of activity. He wasn’t running away or frozen to the spot but he was exhibiting a pretty irrational response to kill it. It took him quite a while to settle down and start to breathe easily again. The phobia kicks of a massive dose of adrenalin in to the body and the mind is going in to self protection mode, the same sort of response that our ancestors would have had to a big animal.

It’s an issue that so many people suffer from and the knock on effects are that they worry about passing it on to their kids. Our children start out by mimicking our responses to situations that they have never been in before, so it’s so easy for them to pick up an irrational fear like this.

There is another side to this of course, if you lived in Australia for instance there are deadly spiders that are fairly small in stature but very big in their affect on the human body. So we still need to retain a balanced rational approach to spiders. There’s no point in somebody getting to the stage where they don’t notice spiders at all, a healthy rational respect and appraisal of the situation is something that keeps us safe and aware of our surroundings.

So what can be done about it?

Although some therapists would dispute this, my own view is that it doesn’t really matter where that fear of spiders came from. The fact is that it’s here now and it’s having a real effect on life and it’s something to get rid of. In general I would expect somebody to be free of this in one and at most two sessions. I would expect to use eye movement therapy to shift the spider phobia and address future issues using hypnosis.

Hard to believe?

Not really. You are probably thinking this phobia has been around for a long long time and it’s deeply embedded in all parts of life.

Think of it this way, this is a situation where the memories of the effects of exposure to a spider are so strong that it takes no effort at all to bring back the memory and the associated emotions and feelings and the full body experience. It’s not some nebulous thing that sometimes happens to you.  So that also means that when the emotions reduce you will notice the benefit quickly and accurately. Something so acute and specific is so much more straight forward to deal with.

I realise that’s putting my neck on the block but in some ways, but I chose the the tools that I use because they are up to the job.


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