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This is a tale about a man who had to stop smoking in Portsmouth.


When I worked at a company in Portsmouth, I had a colleague who smoked. He’s an intelligent guy and knew all the arguments about increased risk of cancer, increased risk of heart disease, greater likelihood of dying young. You name it, he knew it and he still continued smoking tobacco.

A close relative with a similar lifestyle died of a smoking related disease. He was younger than my colleague and he died suddenly. It was an example of an unkind dose of reality being thrust in to his world of denial. The penny dropped and he stopped smoking. He described it as a wake up call, he also admitted that like a lot of smokers that he had previously felt invulnerable in some way and that this event just broke that thought.

I offered my help but he insisted on doing it alone. We had several chats about it as he progressed week by week.

He recognised that he had to break old habits to avoid temptation or relapse, to be honest his resolve was strong enough to overcome anything early on. He recognised the ritual associated with the smoking shelter, how it was used by all as a way of getting away from the daily grind for a few minutes. He came up with a new ritual at the times when he would have smoked, he just went for a walk and maybe a coffee too. The ritual involved making some space in life, so he made space another way.

He went through the lung clear out where he coughed a bit, after a short while that was over and he said that he felt like his lungs had started working again.

After about three weeks his sense of smell returned and that brought another realisation. His wife still smoked and he realised just how bad it smelt. All the time he was a smoker he never noticed the stink and now it was there all around. While you’re a smoker you don’t realise that the sense of smell is depressed to allow you to cope with that burning gas cloud.

Food tasted better and he really appreciates fresh air. He feels fitter and can’t imagine smoking again. But he is aware of the possibility of relapse.

Research has shown that within hours of stopping smoking your body starts improving. Health can become a new habit.

According to research therapy using hypnosis is amongst the best performers for people wishing to stop smoking.

If you live in the Portsmouth / Portchester / Fareham area and you would like help to stop smoking you can call me for a chat about hypnotherapy and smoking on 0793 464 0831.


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