sugar reduces stress

There are foods that we can eat to help us deal with stress better.

According to research reported by the New York Times sugar reduces stress.

Well that’s the headline but what was actually found was that in an MRI scanner the use of sugar reduced the blood flow to the parts of the brain responsible for fear. Subjects using aspartame didn’t get the same effect.

There was no suggestion from the researchers that we should use sugar as a stress reliever, so don’t go trying to use that as an excuse for a binge (note to self).

Another problem with the research frankly is that the number of people tested was 19. I don’t want to deny it’s interesting but a sample size of 19 is just too small to make decisions from. I’m not a mathematical or statistical genius but if we were talking a few hundred people then it might be more significant.

You can read more and access the research from here

In a separate article about food and stress there’s a similar reference in point 3 of an article that points out although we feel better due to serotonin being produced by sugar, we then get the sugar crash. Other foods can be used to control stress and mood. Read more here.

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