Symptoms Of Depression

Symptoms Of Depression

What Are The Symptoms Of Depression

The symptoms of depression are varied and are spread across a spectrum that takes in emotional, physical and social symptoms.

People are different by their very nature and they exhibit symptoms of depression to differing degrees. This severity of symptoms combined with the range of symptoms of depression makes the diagnosis of depression very awkward.

At this point I should say that depression is a clinical condition and the only person who can diagnose it is a medical professional like a doctor of psychiatrist.

Symptoms of depression affect all parts of a person’s life, their emotional state, their physical state and their ability to interact with the rest of society.

People tend to focus mainly on the personal emotional symptoms of depression because that is generally the most obvious. There are also physical symptoms of depression and the physical toll that depression takes on a person is often misunderstood. There are also social symptoms of depression symptoms where people interact with the rest of the world in a different way to when they were well.

Emotional Symptoms of Depression

People who are depressed tend to be in low spirits most of the time. This is an every day thing for them and they notice when they have a good day. A feeling of desperation is built on the feelings of hopelessness and uselessness. And guilt is not uncommon even for things that they have no control over. They feel guilty about things because for some reason so many things feel like their fault. There is often a feeling of unworthiness that drives a feeling of low self esteem. They tend to get no joy from anything and it feels like everything is being done to them.

Physical Symptoms of Depression

The anxiety in people’s lives is driven by adrenalin and other hormones and this has real physical effects. If you think that a 100 metre runner uses adrenalin to release the energy from their muscles to run a race, then imagine what happens when adrenalin levels are elevated for prolonged periods of time. People actually have no no energy, they feel completely zapped, and it’s real. This has knock on effects that cause problems with sleeping which isn’t helped by them sleeping a lot more during the day. Some depressed people become comfort eaters and put on weight, others lose their appetite along with the other things that they once enjoyed.

Aches and pains also appear from nowhere and causes changes in life patterns. Many people start to rely on tobacco, alcohol, high calorific food and caffeine to get through the day.

Social Symptoms of Depression

Depressed people tend to give up the things that once were sources of happiness and life. The feeling of can’t be bothered goes right through their whole life and they tend to shy away from contact with others.

They stop taking part in life and hide away.

Do You Have Symptoms Of Depression?

If you are worried about having symptoms of depression then you should go and see your doctor. It’s important to explain what changes you are undergoing. They can get you started on treatment. Diagnosis is their domain and they take it seriously.

I don’t deal with depression head on. I’m a hypnotherapist and my skills are based around the ability to help with the issues that make up depression. I have a different perspective because I see it as a series of issues to be resolved.  As issues change, a person’s perspective changes with it and they start to realise that there is a posibility of a future. Feeling a bit better takes some of the weight off their shoulders and lets them see more clearly.

I believe that empowering people allows them to heal themselves.

As a hypnotherapist I know that hypnosis can help give relief from many of the contributing factors of depression.

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You can find a more detailed description of depression here.

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