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Pain can be controlledRight now I would expect that you think this is just a flight of fantasy, controlling pain on your own. Firstly I would say never give up on the pain plan without talking it over with your doctor. Pain is something that we have learned to do for a lifetime and we do it very well.

Imagine you have been in the garden or doing DIY or just playing on the beach, you notice a spot of blood and you find that it's coming from the side of your hand. Before that moment there was no pain, now that you've noticed it it starts to hurt. Most people have a story where that sort of thing has happened.

This tells us something: pain comes from our head and not from the site of the injury.

Knowing that your mind or your brain generates the pain is useful, because it means that we can alter it using hypnosis and other therapies.

An interesting observation of pain is that a large amount of it comes from the frustration and anxiety that accompany it. The pain itself can be controlled to varying degrees depending on the ability of the person in pain. Most people believe that they won't be able to do it but the process is straight forwards and many of them manage to control much more than they ever thought they could and benefit from the confidence in their new skill.

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