Dave S. Southampton


I have had a long standing fear of flying which as I have got older has only increased. This fear often led to panic attacks and a deep sense of dread during the build up to holidays and flights. In the past I have tried a number of methodologies to reduce my fear from another hypnotherapist and acupuncture to Virgin’s flying without fear course. Sadly, no matter what I tried nothing made a dent in my fear. Once I had children I realised alcohol and medication was simply not a workable solution, my wife tended to agree!

When I first met Peter I was apprehensive as I had previously had hypnotherapy which did not ease my often crippling fear. This previous experience led me to be extremely skeptical but I thought as nothing else had worked it was worth another try. I cannot express how glad I am that I did. This has literally changed my life. I met with Peter 3 times and could feel the benefits after the first session. Peter has a warm and calm manner and as he guided me through the therapy, I could genuinely feel my fear begin to fade. The experience is simple, calming and easy. I was 100% aware of the whole process and not in the trance like daze you see on TV. I actually left the sessions feeling relaxed and revitalised – a very pleasant side effect!

I had a flight to Portugal (a 3 hour flight) 2 weeks after my sessions with Peter. I had no anxiety during the build-up or at the airport. Once on the plane I was calm, relaxed and most importantly sober! I was totally amazed and couldn’t even conjure up the fear I had once been left paralysed by. Last year I flew to New York and Las Vegas. During both flights we experienced some significant turbulence (enough for stewardesses to be required to remain seated) which historically would have led to a serious panic attack. However, now armed with Peter’s coping techniques and methods I remained calm and in control, even when my wife began to get worried about the prolonged rough weather. Since my sessions I have flown around the world without giving it a second thought.

My honest advice would be if you have any fear regarding flying or any other anxiety, meet Peter. I went into the process as a skeptic yet I am now not only a believer but I regularly refer people to Peter as I know the power in what he can achieve with you.

Dave S. Southampton

Senior sales and marketing manager.

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