Matt V Romsey


After years of trying to lose weight, and in most cases failing, l asked Peter if he would be able to help me with my inability of controlling what l eat.
During our first session Peter explained how his therapies work and what will be easy to change, and what will take practice on my behalf. He gave me literature to use as resource material as well as audios to listen to at home. ln fact, after just the first session, Peter had removed some of my cravings for certain foods and given me a clever way to reduce the quantity of food during meal times.

Before l went to see Peter, I was a little unsure about hypnotherapy and how effective it would be. l must say though that Peter has been excellent in explaining everything and making me feel very comfortable and positive. To date my cravings are still quashed and l’m learning how to eat my meals more consciously, which is still a work in progress with two dogs going mental at meal times. The main thing is though, l feel in control!

l have been absolutely thrilled with how my sessions with Peter have gone, and the plan for how I eat in the future. I feel very positive and would without a doubt recommend Peter French Hypnotherapy to anyone l know who may need help dealing with a craving or a fear of something, or indeed someone in my situation and wants to lose weight.
Thanks Peter,

Matt V
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