The Dragon Slayer Considers Therapy

This entry comes from a pre-therapy questionnaire has been included with the consent of The Dragon Slayer.

Most of us have a dragon slayer inside somewhere. How would he/she fare when approaching brief therapy following writing to the newspaper’s agony aunt “Marge”. Bear in mind that prising this information from this person is harder than extracting teeth without anaesthetic.

1. Your Environment:
I live in only one place. In the outdoors I can be free. Free from the cares that weigh me down Free from the people that I have to be nice to and to kow tow to. Free from having to explain my actions. I can set off in search of something that I don’t understand, a search that is in someway a quest but I don’t know what it is yet and I spend my time preparing for the time that I do know. I am truly happy in the middle of nowhere on the way to nowhere in particular taking in the splendour of my surroundings and looking after myself. Alas these times of freedom are all too few.

In my 9 to 5 job I am trapped in humble servitude to mealy mouthed bean counters and the incessant sales targets. I have to hide my thoughts in order to serve the customers in the shop, customers who appear to have happy lives, far happier than my own. They appear to have found a freedom that I cannot in the web of buying clothes and being interested in the interminable soap operas. This is the only job I am qualified to do so I have to make it work for me, but it’s hard to spend your days in falsehood and deceit.

My home is humble and austere, neat and tidy but I don’t need much. My friends are few, not many can abide being around me when I tell the truth and that includes my vision of slavery and injustice all around.

2. Your Behaviour:
When I am out and free I can be myself. I consider myself corageous, courteous, open to new challenges. I walk tall and help people out where I can but keep to my own business for the most part.

It turns out that my behaviour is adaptable. I can learn to do new things and superficially at least I can fit in to new roles very easily. The doctor has pointed out that my work is at odds with my nature and my natural urges are only supressed on the surface while the fire still burns inside without recourse to satiation.

My weakness is in servitude. My energy has been sapped. The doctor calls it adrenal burn out but offers little apart from pills that appear to remove what remains of my will and strength. From walking in the door of my employer my shoulders droop as the false smile is hoisted on my face. My heart sinks as I have to observe the polite political correctness of modern conversation. My speech is filled with lies that no longer jar on their way out of my mouth. When asked how this looks on me I say “I think the colour is very individual but you appear to be able to carry it off” or other such banalaties that I have learnt from others. The reality is that I don’t care what they wear, most of it is impractical in terms of weather and elements and would offer no semblance of concealment.

3. Your Capabilities:
I am adaptable, I am practical and physically I used to be very able. More recently my physicality has waned somewhat. I feel that I am a survivor, one who will prevail in one way or another. I have a tenacity of spirit and at the same time an interest that wanders to include many things. When I am shown a path that I believe to be true then I can follow it to the end and learn from every step of the journey.

4. Your Beliefs and Values:
I believe that I will manage to overcome my present weakness once I can have it explained in terms that I understand.
I believe that I am frugal but not mean, I don’t think that the world owes me anything. When I die, the world and I will owe each other nothing. I believe that most people are honest and that they are looking after themselves first but will help others when asked. There are of course some who whinge and spend their life simpering in need of leadership. There are others still who bully and beat their way through life, I dont generally have much time for them.
I am honest and I don’t suffer fools gladly. I am kind where that is appropriate but I don’t spout sweetness and light to all those I meet because that would be a false hope to hold out to people.

5. Your Identity:
I am a slayer of dragons and righter of wrongs. However I am constantly perplexed because there is an absence of problems that require the directness of my skills. I am not a soldier, I don’t take well to being told who, where, when and how to fight. Although I respect the nobility of the soldier and their adherence to their given path. I detest the politician although I recognise the need for them, they tend to be braggards who shout louder and longer than those around them.

6. Your Life purpose:
I appear to be lacking a purpose, a single driving ambition.
If there were a purpose for me I surmise it would be the quest to find a place in this world that accepts me for what and who I am. A place that allows me to be, where the intrusions of others respect my needs, where I don’t intrude on the sensibilities of others beyond that which is comfortable. To find that place and be able to provide help to some and friendship to others within the limits of my capability. It might be nice to find out what happiness is.

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