The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction
The Law Of Attraction

I’ve read a lot of things about the law of attraction, the secret and all the other versions out there. It’s all compelling, especially the versions where we can create anything that we want for ourselves. I’m not so compelled by the versions that say when bad stuff happened to us that we wanted that to happen in some way.

When I was last looking for a car, I used to drive a big white Mercedes van, it was great but it’s another tale. When I was last looking for a car I decided what make and model I liked but I was unsure of the colour that I wanted. Then a really odd thing happened. All that I noticed on the road were cars like the one that I wanted. It seemed that every other car on the road was the make and model of car that I was wanting. I wondered what the heck was going on and I wondered why I had selected such a common car.

Why should I be surprised? When you spend a long time concentrating on something you change how you view the world and start to tune in on the thing that you want. In my case it was a car. And all I could see were flipping cars like the one that I wanted. My filters on the car was zooming in on the thing that I wanted.

Now I think that if you use that real example of how our mind works and apply it in the same way as the law of attraction people tell you that you start to change your view on what you want. This doesn’t go for random stray thoughts, it really does require you to think about something habitually.

The process goes like this:

Write down the things that you want in the present tense, like I own a brand new open top Jaguar sports car. Make sure there’s some detail there about colour and things like that. Add in some feelings about what it feels like to own one, how nice it is to use it and all those things. Write it all down for everything that you want.

Next you get the list out three times a day and spend time reading it out loud and imagining all those emotions that you have described and making it as vivid as you can for yourself.

That’s it. Somehow you will magically be able to have a mansion like the Beckham’s, a Yacht like a container ship and everything else that goes with it.

If you’re lucky then the things that you get will make you happy. Except that it’s short lived. Anyone with a super yacht is looking at getting a bigger one in the same way as we want then next model of smart phone.

If you’re smart. And I know that you are. You will apply that process to yourself. Make a list of the person that you want to be, all those qualities that you aspire to. For each one include one or more situations that you will deal with using the new personal skill.

Imagine for instance being confident enough to go in to the Savoy hotel in London and ask for directions to the toilets, when the snooty receptionist looks down their nose and says that’s for guests only and you reply “I will only allow myself to be a guest if I can see you have clean toilets, now please can you direct me to them”. Just look at how you walked up to that desk in your jeans and boots. Just feel how good it is to stay calm and come up with that answer.

Write down all those things you want. Read through them three times a day. They have to be things that you want, you can’t achieve not doing something.

Really feel them.

Knock ’em dead and smile on the inside and the outside.

Now acquire the things you need around you.


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