The New Atkins Diet For A New You

New Atkins For a New You

The New Atkins Diet For A New You, 2 weeks in.

At this point I could have lost 15lbs, but I haven’t. I’ll come clean about that later…

At this point I could be spotty and miserable from all the meat, but I’m not.

At this point I should be coming off induction and moving on to OWL. OWL is on-going weight loss by the way. But we’ve been on holiday and our experience of Atkins entered an interesting phase. Since weight loss was still important we decided not to let go of it completely, however I was keen to experiment with what you can do with 20 grams of carbs per day.

We stuck to the rules (mostly) or at least within about 5 carbs of the rules. But it turns out that you can do quite a bit with 5 grams of net carbs.

I was wanting to make sure that there was some normality in this diet and that we wouldn’t be stuck with salad and meat and the boring face of “The new Atkins diet for a new you” for the rest of our lives.

You see, food was formerly a pleasant thing, something we shared and something that tasted a bit special a few times a week. We ate all sorts and it was great. So the thought of salad and meat forever was starting to become a bit restrictive from a life perspective.

We got a couple of books and I found out that we need to be careful with books and recipes because some people’s version of low carb is a fair bit different to other people’s. One of the books does stick to the Atkins style ketogenic diet, the other was a bit more wayward and appeared to be based on more like a hundred grams of carbs per day.

One hundred grams of carbs per day is something that is unlikely to keep everyone in ketosis. Ketosis is the state that we’re aiming for on the ketogenic diet, where we become fat burners and our energy comes from the fat burning and not from carbohydrates.

So we lives and we learns.

And part of living and learning is experimenting.

Hot chocolate is a simple luxury. But it’s laden with sugar usually.

First thing we had to learn about was sweeteners. Atkins recommends Splenda which is based on sucralose which in itself is carb free but includes maltodextrin which has a carb effect but only half a gram per tea spoonful. And splenda is really sweet.

When you try to research sweeteners you find out that everything affects different people in different ways. But then all those bad side effects should be taken with a pinch of perspective. Sugar is no angel either. It’s the thing that causes insulin spikes and everything that goes with it from obesity to diabetes and now it also looks like there are links to dementia too.

So after a few times around the tree comparing stevia to sucralose and all the rest we went with sucralose in the form of Splenda. You can get it at Tesco and Sainsbury and that’s important. We’re not intending to use it to excess so we should be in with a chance.

So armed with a sweetener I can now make hot chocolate for the equivalent of about one and a half carbs. You use unsweetened almond milk which is lower carb than normal milk. It tastes a bit like wet cardboard but the sweetener offsets that well.

So a cup (that’s the object and not the USA unit of measurement) of almond milk with a spoonful of cocoa which has very few carbs too, and a couple of spoons of Splenda to taste and it does the job. The cocoa takes a bit of stirring in but you get there and you can enjoy the hot chocolate, just like old times.

I still don’t get cravings for sweets. Which is very interesting even from the inside. The thing with the hot chocolate is that we don’t drink tea or coffee, we’ve tried fruit teas but they all smell great but taste of soggy newspaper. So we drink water, which is good but sometimes you need a change.

I do crave nice tasty food and that’s more than possible according to the books. More of that later, and more of our experiments too. I’ll keep you posted.

By the way, I’ve lost 7 lbs in the first two weeks, including the holiday experimentation.

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