What If We Have A Happy New Year in 2014

Silver Linings



I saw a cartoon today.

It had two dogs on it having a conversation…



First Dog: My boss is fretting about New Year’s Resolutions. Do you know what a New Year’s Resolution is because I don’t.

Second Dog: ¬†Actually yes! It’s a to-do list that humans use for the first week in January.

I laughed because it’s a trusim that’s funny.

It’s funny because most of us either have or have had that list, and the list only lasted till the end of the first week in January.

Even though we really really meant it this time and all those things really really needed doing, we find so many reasons why it’s just too much trouble. Why eventually those things don’t really need doing anyway.

All our hopes and aspirations were built up to make a new start, clear the decks, to get on and make something happen this time, to feel good about ourselves and to have something to look forwards to.

And then we let go of our hopes and dreams after a week. And we slip back in to our old habits. And we accept the usual as the normal for us. And we tell ourself that this is how it’s meant to be for us. And we tell ourselves that next year is our year. Probably. Well almost probably.

All that motivation that we build up, that makes us feel so alive and raring to go. It all just evaporates when we leave the bubble of our holiday and have to tackle the mundane and try to keep our hopes alive all at the same time. And something has to give. And it does.

What if this year we give ourselves a chance. Go and dig the list out of the bin and take a look at it.

How much of it can we realistically hope to control all at once?

What if we allow for life getting in the way?

What if we apply realistic time scales to each one individually?

What if we work out what order they can be done in?

What if we broke it down in to smaller goals?

What if we see it as a plan and not just an instant wish list that can only be fulfilled by a lottery win?

What if we actually do something and make a change to our lives?

What if it doesn’t work as we expect?

What if we start to think that we did something and it turned out different to what we expected?

What if we make a different change would we get a better outcome?

Maybe you were right in the first place to chuck the list in the bin. But where’s the fun in that?


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